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WELCOME to the Pacific Northwest Flute Circle home. You may be asking yourself what exactly is a Native American Flute Circle?

We are a group of people from various backgrounds in life with various outlooks but with one common interest - the Native American flute and its beautiful haunting music. We are all different and contribute equally to our circle. We meet the 2nd Saturday of each month between 3 and 5 p.m. You do not need a musical background or know how to play the Native American flute to be a part of our group. If you want to have fun, if you love music, if you have an interest in discovering the beauty and song of the Native American Flute, then we hope you will join us.


We play our flutes!

Playing is the very best way to learn. Whether you are the one playing or you are listening to someone else play, you learn something new each and every time. Sometimes we have an open mic which allows you to play with special added sound effects. We share stories about our playing experiences. We gain confidence in playing by performing in front of an audience of encouraging and supportive friends. We also share new resource information and music we have discovered. Occasionally we may have 'known' flute players attend our meetings who wish to share an experience of playing with us.

We teach:

We are starting a mentoring program for new members. All new members will be paired up with an experienced player who will teach you on a "one to one" basis and answer any questions you might have about the instrument.

We meet new friends:

We meet many interesting people from various backgrounds and ages.


About US

The Pacific Northwest Flute Circle is free and open to anyone who makes, plays, studies, or is interested in the Native American Flute. Our goal is to educate and showcase our members, as well as, educating the public about the Native American Flute and it's historical and contemporary significance. Our agenda varies from month to month, leaving room for anyone to come to our flute circle and present or just share their knowledge and/or flutes with our group.

With a growing interest in playing the Native American flute, people are forming Native American flute circles all over the United States. The Pacific Northwest Flute Circle is a small but growing group of flute players and flute enthusiasts who come together to play their instruments. Some members are beginner flute players who want to learn, some members are experienced players who want to improve their ability and meet other flute players and then some people just come to have fun, listen to the music, and to enjoy the warmth and friendship that exists among our group. The Pacific Northwest Flute Circle is for anyone who loves the Native American flute, regardless of their ability, talent, or musical background. You don't have to be a flute player to join our Group and there is no membership fee to join. If you have an appreciation of the Native American flute and it's music or you are interested in learning to play, we welcome you to join us. There will be an array of instruments including flutes, drums, and various other percussive instruments for your enjoyment. Again, we appreciate all who have attended the meetings over the past year for sharing their knowledge, work, and passion for the Native American flute and look forward to another great year ahead!

The most important thing to always remember about the Native American Flute is that it is an instrument of the heart. Any song that comes from the heart is a beautiful song.


Our goal at every meeting is to present some type of educational or informational topic about The Native American Flute which helps to make us better flute players. This might include playing techniques, history, or watching videos.

Pacific Northwest Native American Flute Circle
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